Eric Wyatt

12 Abril, 2018

“SANTIAGO IS A VERY TALENTED DRUMMER WHO I MET THRU PERFORMING AT A CONCERT I HAD PYAZIN AT SMALLS JAZZ CLUB IN NY. He told me my band an my music inspired him . I felt very honered that my music connected with this young drummer. He seemed very serious about drums an had many questions about jazz. He also told me he wanted to make a cd with his band of musicians from Columbia. An i say to to him i AM PROUD OF YOU, for being honest an finally sending me your first cd to hear an i am impressed that such a young man plays drums with sensitivity. I AM NOT SURPRIZED because during our conversations he always talked to me about love, an i knew then he has promise as an artist. You must have love in your heart to play any instrument , so congratulations Santi , you are on your way to great things as you keep developing on your instrument , an i am glad to have inspired you an stay inspired young man, Maybe you will get a chance to make music with me Your friend always ERIC WYATT.”

Indefensión Álbum Review by, Eric Wyatt New York City, New York, United States (2014)

Eric wyatt

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