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Santiago Restrepo in Barranquijazz on 09/14/18

Es un honor hacer parte de este festival de Jazz tan importante en Colombia. Nos vemos el 14 de Septiembre en Barranquilla en la Plaza de la Paz, estaré tocando a las 4:00 p.m. It is a honor to play in one of the greatest Jazz Festivals in Colombia: Barranquijazz. “Santiago Restrepo Jazz Trío + […]

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Libro Extramusicalidad del Jazz

New book

The extra-musicality of Jazz. Speaking of jazz is always subjective. You can not talk about certainty in a style of music where it is improvised. This book contains my thoughts, anecdotes and recommendations; reflects my convictions and position to the jazz music and life; my real-life vision of many musicians, our culture, our system and […]

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Album indefensión

Santiago Restrepo Trio

I am so crazy, friends, as the drum So much so that I am not saying as the contrabass, While the piano plays by typing a secret. Gabriel Celaya The art of music is a mystery. Appeals more to the question that striking responses (those supported by the artifice of the ‘spectacle’ ). When the […]

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